Sunnyside roof repairs underway

Superintendent of Shelton Schools Dr. Chris Clouet said the work on the 5,000 square feet portion of Sunnyside Elementary’s roof is proceeding “very well” and should be done no later than the end of next week, but could be completed earlier.

Concerned parents had their requests granted as Clouet also said the school will be undergoing an air quality test once the repairs to the roof are done and the cleanup is finished.

He added that he expects the school year to begin smoothly and is still on schedule for its Sept. 6 first day of classes.

The Superintendent clarified the school’s library/media center will remain closed for the first month of school in the upcoming year, but once the new furniture is in place there will be an official ribbon cutting. He also said he will be hosting a meeting in the school’s media center for parents and students on Sept. 1.

Just after 11 a.m Friday, Aug. 19 a Herald reporter stopped by the Sunnyside Elementary School to get an update on the much discussed roof project.

According to a Silktown Roofing Inc. worker who declined to mention his name, the 5,000 square foot portion of the school’s roof  can be completed by the end of next week if we continue to get dry weather.

“If it rains, we can’t work. It’s as simple as that” said the Silktown Roofing Inc. employee.

Clouet said the second phase of the project will cover the rest of the school’s leaky roof and is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2017.