Volunteers spruce up nurse’s office at Mohegan School in Shelton

A group of volunteers has spruced up the nurse’s office at Mohegan Elementary School, giving it a garden theme. The room is used by “Nurse Lauren” Reynolds, who just completed her second year at the school.

Tara Gay, a parent who oversaw the effort, said a dingy room was transformed into “a one-of-a-kind place where kids will smile when they enter ... A few kids even faked boo-boos to catch a glimpse of the change.”

On a Saturday in mid-June, volunteers added paint, hand-sewn curtains and handmade accents, and re-covered chairs and cots. The motif includes a sun, clouds, rainbow, butterflies, bugs and flowers.

“I hope that this inspires more people to make our schools a happy place for our children to go,” Gay said.

The parent volunteers were Stacey Brennan, Sarah DellaRocco, Tara and Sonny Gay, Faith Gydus, Yelena Kiely, Stephanie Kinik and Kelly Noonan. High school student Charlotte MacDonald, who had attended Mohegan, also helped.

They were joined by Melissa Mercaldo of Shelton, who got involved when she saw a Facebook post on the Shelton CT Moms page.

Mercaldo asked her employer, the Danbury Walgreens, for help and four of her co-workers — Michael Lancaster, Arge Mamudi, Tarina Nicholas and Bill Roehl — then pitched in on renovation day.

Donating money, supplies or furniture were the New Haven IKEA, Bridgeport Home Depot and Danbury Walgreens.

“This project would not have been possible without the support of all of these wonderful people,” Gay said.

During similar projects in the past two years, Gay and other Mohegan School volunteers gave the school library a Dr. Seuss theme and the teachers’ lounge a tropical theme.