With Burr leaving, search begins for new supt. in Shelton

With the coming departure of School Supt. Freeman Burr, the process to hire a new superintendent in Shelton will begin immediately.

The goal is to have someone in place by the late fall so Burr can help with the transition before leaving his job on Dec. 31.

Burr made his surprise resignation announcement at the Board of Education (BOE) meeting on Wednesday night, pointing to frustration with the budget process in Shelton as the main reason.

He said he wanted to give “amble time” to the BOE to begin the search process for his successor. Burr’s current employment contracts goes into 2017. He was first hired for the position in 2009.

Outside group to help with search

Mark Holden, BOE chairman, said he is concerned about finding “a good, qualified candidate” in time to work with Burr during a transitional period. He recommended hiring the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) to help with the search process.

Later at the May 27 meeting, BOE members voted to do just that.

CABE is a private, nonprofit organization that advocates for, and provides services to, local school boards.

Burr said he doesn’t expect to sit back and do less during his remaining time on the job, but promised to continue being an involved, active leader of the school district.

“I will not be a lame duck” for the next seven months, he said at the May 27 BOE meeting.

Board of Ed chair worries Shelton budget battles could negatively impact supt. search; click below: