Word of the Week: Volume

This week’s Word of the Week is, “Volume.”


  1. a collection of written or printed sheets bound together and constituting a book.

  2. one book of a related set or series.

  3. a set of issues of a periodical, often covering one year.

  4. History/Historical. a roll of papyrus, parchment, or the like, or of manuscript.

  5. the amount of space, measured in cubic units, that an object or substance occupies.

  6. a mass or quantity, especially a large quantity, of something: a volume of mail.

  7. amount; total: the volume of sales.

  8. the degree of sound intensity or audibility; loudness: to turn up the volume on a radio.

  9. fullness or quantity of tone.


10. speak volumes,

a. to be very evident or significant: Her testimony spoke volumes.

b. to be expressive or meaningful: Your eyes speak volumes.