Young inventors show off at convention

The Cat Bed Cooler. The Shoe in Two. The Quick Pourer, the Magno Stick, Melt ‘n’ Sip and the Pringles Twist.
These are only a few of the latest inventions that could be on store shelves some day soon thanks to the innovative minds of Mohegan School fourth graders. The students presented their projects Monday morning to judges — including Mayor Mark Lauretti — and the results of which will be announced in the coming days.

“The students really cam up with some creative ideas,” said teacher Patrick Sullivan.
At the beginning of the school year, Sullivan said the students were told to identify a real world problem and develop a solution. The students were then asked to develop a prototype for this solution.
Sullivan said the lesson plan helped guide the students through the process, which includes engineering, resarch and problem solving. And the result is a product students are then asked to “market,” which means becoming good public speakers.