Adam Heller for alderman in the first ward

I enthusiastically support Adam Heller in the upcoming election for a seat on the Board of Aldermen from Shelton’s First Ward.  

I am fortunate to have served with Adam on the Board of Apportionment & Taxation for approximately the past two years.  Adam’s knowledge and experience with municipal budgets and finance made him a valuable member of our Board.  Adam supports fiscal responsibility and accountability.  He voted in favor of two budgets that contained no tax increases for Shelton residents.

When legendary John “Jack” Finn retired, Adam replaced him on the Board of Aldermen. Adam shares many of Jack’s qualities and beliefs.  Jack and Adam support maintaining a low tax rate.  Both understand that residents deserve quality services, including a strong education system for our children. Neither are in favor of overdevelopment of the great city that we all call home.  Similar to Jack, Adam is not afraid to ask tough and pointed questions and will not rubber stamp everything that comes out of City Hall.   

Please join me in supporting Adam Heller for First Ward Alderman on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 7.  Thank you.