Jones: I will do everything I can to make Shelton a better place

My name is Jason Jones I'm running for the board of aldermen in Shelton's Second Ward. I moved to Shelton after attending college at the University of Bridgeport, where I studied politics and economics and came to understand the value and a government run by and for the people. If elected, I will fight for balanced budgets, a revitalized downtown, and responsible development citywide that balances the needs of residents and developers.

I will do everything I can to make Shelton a better place to raise a family, a better place to start a business, and a better place to live. I will work with the city boards and departments to make sure the streets are paved; to make sure our sidewalks are walkable; to make sure that our our parks are clean, and to make sure that our police station and our schools and our Public Works are fully funded and give the people of Shelton the city they deserve. I pledge as your aldermen to deliver only the best. We can accomplish these goals through repsonsibile budgeting and planning, taking the needs of all citizens into account as we march into the future.

As your alderman, I will stand for transparency and accessibility in city hall. For too long, one party has kept the people in the dark and unaware of our budget process. I will fight to change this. Government works best when as many people as possible are involved. If there is one constant message I have heard from voters, it's that the time has come to get some fresh perspectives in city hall. I, along with the rest of the Shelton Democrats, are here to provide that. You have a choice on Nov. 7. Vote Row A. Vote Democratic.