The Reason to vote

As I have knocked on doors throughout the third ward, I have come across voters who seem disengaged and turned off by the current state of politics in Shelton. Especially when it comes to the Planning and Zoning Board and the Shelter Ridge development. I support Jimmy Tickey and the other Democrats running for Planning and Zoning.

What also seems to disenfranchise voters, especially young and independent voters, is the long tenures of the incumbents in our city’s government. People want change, and they want to bring Shelton’s government into the 21st century. But those voters see the current state of politics as unbreakable. The mayor and the republicans have had solid control of Shelton’s government for so long that it has influenced voter turnout in a negative way. I know we can do better.

If you want to change the way Shelton is run, then vote for the candidates for change. I want to be the voice for my neighbors, and the third ward along with Patrick Jeanetti. My fellow democrats running this year want to move Shelton forward. I am doing this because I believe the voters want change, and a fresh voice in government. Every voter I talk to says the same thing, “we need fresh faces in City Hall”. But I need your help, I need your vote. Let’s move Shelton forward together.