Editorial: Better communication

Shelton is still digging out of this storm and it’s likely to be a weather event we never forget. Hats off the Public Works employees and hired contractors for long hours and cold nights and, of course the city officials who had to help organize the response to this massive storm. Hats off to the residents who used snow blowers to clear their own streets — that’s old’ fashioned Yankee ingenuity at its finest.

As the falling snow and heavy winds died down last Saturday, a lot of residents were anxious to hear what the city was doing and when their road would be plowed. As a newspaper, we communicated with officials, trying to get as much information out there as possible. But, in these times, of social media and easily-accessible information, Shelton needs to follow in the footsteps of many other municipalities and make emergency and storm updates more accessible.

Many city officials and emergency responders want to get information out there but there needs to be a centralized effort, using the city website or SheltonEmergency.com. Isn’t that why that emergency website exists?

We understand this is an unprecedented snow storm and that, unfortunately, getting us free of our homes and neighborhoods is taking time. We also understand most officials are busy getting it done. But city officials could quell the anger and frustration of residents, simply by telling them a more detailed update of what is happening. Maybe next time,  a specific employee could be designated to update websites, send out info., etc.

Let’s also hope there isn’t a “next time” anytime soon.