Editorial: Defy expectations and get out and vote Tuesday

Registered Shelton Republicans should prove the skeptics wrong Tuesday and go to the polls to vote in the Republican primary.

Primaries — especially those held in non-Presidential Election years, and even more especially those held during the summer months — are notorious for low voter turnout. Most officials expect this year will be no different; many even decry the need to spend several thousand dollars to hold an election in which so few bother to participate.

But Tuesday, Aug. 12, is Republicans’ only chance to choose the candidate that will challenge the Democratic governor, lieutenant governor and state comptroller in November. Locally, they also have the chance to put forth a candidate to run in the 122nd District.

Primary elections are arguably more important than general elections; the primary is when regular voters get to have their say. When party delegates caucus and choose who to endorse, it’s often based on money and name recognition in an attempt to choose the “most electable” candidate — who may not always be the best one. More importantly, the party-endorsed candidate may (or may not) be the person for whom you, the single voter, would like to vote. The primary is your chance to make your own decision.

Polls are open at the schools in the city for 14 hours (6 a.m. to 8 p.m.) on Aug. 12: Mohegan Elementary, Shelton Intermediate, Elizabeth Shelton Elementary and Long Hill School.

Registered Republicans who, by spending just a few minutes filling in a few bubbles on a ballot, can buck the trend, defy expectations, and have their say. Exercise the most powerful right you have: Vote.