Editorial: Shop local and save during tax-free week

We all could use a few extra bucks in our pockets, and thanks to the state’s tax-free week, we still can.

The Sales Tax-Free Week for clothing and shoes continues through Saturday, Aug. 23. During the week, most items of clothing and footwear selling for less than $300 will be exempt from the state sales and use tax.

“Having this week-long sales tax holiday not only makes back-to-school shopping just a little bit easier, but also helps retailers boost their bottom line,” Malloy said during an event. “Many stores also plan sales and discounts to coincide with this week, which allows families to stretch their hard-earned money a little further. This is a great opportunity to shop locally and support Connecticut retailers.”

Connecticut Retail Merchants Association (CRMA) President Tim Phelan said that tax-free week is a time that customers can afford items that might normally be out of their price range. This is because retailers specifically plan sales and coupons for the tax holiday that, along with the saving on the sales tax, can mean significant deals for shoppers.

It also helps when we shop locally, adding to the profits and sales of the merchants. As an added bonus, shop local.

Additional information about the tax free week, including examples of clothing and footwear that meet the exemption criteria, can be found on the Department of Revenue Services website at www.ct.gov/DRS.