To the Editor:

As a candidate for Alderman myself, I Recently I challenged both of my opponents, John Anglace and Cris Balamaci, to a debate. This debate was to be hosted by Shelton Taxpayers for Education and moderated by the editor of this very paper to ensure impartiality. Sadly, but not surprisingly, both candidates declined my offer.

I cannot recall the last time Shelton's local officials debated the issues our residents encounter daily. Yet, I'm sure we can all agree it's been far too long. Contrary to popular myth, there is an opposing viewpoint in Shelton. One that see's our schools underfunded by $3,000 per student and finds that fact to be utterly shameful. One that see's high density developments like Shelter Ridge approved and is infuriated to see the Shelton they once knew and love have It's green space disappear and it's traffic burden increase. One that sees our parks not properly maintained and finds that fact quite frankly sad. One that is concerned by how nontransparent our budget process is (the 2019-2020 budget has yet to be added to the city's website,and It's mid-October). There is an opposition in Shelton, and the people of the 3rd ward deserve to see our two visions side by side in order to make an informed decision come Nov. 5.

Further, I am of the opinion that debates, town halls, Q&As, going door to door, etc., are what all good public servants should be about. One of the main jobs of a public servant is to be in tune with what the people they represent want, and to keep those same people informed on the issues and elections that directly effect their everyday lives. However, Sadly, for too long now the political establishment in this city how become complacent and out of touch with the people they serve merely because they have not taken the time to listen to the very people that have elected them in the first place. Declining to debate is just the latest example.

Since I began my campaign I have knocked on well more than 1,000 doors in the 3rd Ward, talking to voters and, most importantly, listening so I know what the people of my ward desire in their representative. Once elected I plan to keep knocking on doors. I also promise to hold at least two town hall or town-hall-like events every year in order to hear directly from the people that I represent.

My email is and my number is 203-402-9503, call, text, or email me anytime, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I am running to represent you, so I must be in tune with you and I must work to keep you informed and in the loop on all matters regarding our city.

My offer to debate still stands, and I trust my opponents will reconsider. My only request is that this paper's editor moderate, to ensure impartiality.

Matt McGee

Board of Aldermen Third Ward candidate