The following letter was sent to Mayor Mark Lauretti and the Board of Aldermen members and submitted to The Shelton Herald for publication.

To the Editor:

You may not have any kids in our city’s schools, but Mayor, you smiled and waved when you visited our school (Booth Hill) for JA Day last year. Thousands of us taxpaying citizens have kids in our schools, and it’s important to us they have a good education with the resources they need, to compete in the years ahead, just as you said was so important during JA Day.

Please don’t cut the budget of the Board of Education. We need teachers. We need schools. We need good schools to bring in families who pay taxes, who work good jobs and frequent the many new businesses you’re helping to build on Bridgeport and Howe avenues.

Don’t let our city’s education system get cut to pieces. Invest in our future, please.

John Saginario