To the Editor:

In the past, Charter Revision commissions have been less partisan, but not anymore. We all knew that when the commission was announced, it would have four Republicans on it, and they would be in charge.

It was hoped that the other three people selected would balance the commission out and not be more of the same. Well, we were wrong.

While two unaffiliated were selected, one of those changed from an R to a U on Jan. 2, just a week before being appointed. Two of those selected contributed to the mayor’s run for governor in 2018. Thus it is clear that at least six members of the Charter Revision Commission were selected to carry out the mayor’s agenda.

So where do we go from here? We must be watchful and report what changes the commission will want to make to the charter, in order to further the mayor’s control of city government. I can promise you that the Shelton Democrats will report on a regular basis the activity of the commission and as often as possible live stream the meetings.

The citizens will get only two opportunities to speak before the commission, at the beginning, Jan. 30, and at the end. Use that time to make it clear how you feel about changes to our charter.

Dave Gioiello


Shelton Democratic Town Committee