To the Editor:

I am amazed at the abundance of Democratic self-proclaimed budget, tax and debt experts calling for defeat of this charter revision-based on their so called expert academic advice.

These same Democrats have touted their supposed fiscal talents election after election and have been rejected by Shelton voters. They have amassed a $50-million-plus state debt with their transparent spending sprees and now they tell you to vote “no” on this charter revision because it will raise our debt.

Who do you believe?

The Lauretti administration has a 30-year fiscal record of low taxes and low debt in Shelton. These charter changes address the increased capital needs of our total community without raising taxes. They elevate technology to a department level as warranted by the changing needs of our society. They address learning continuity in a measured and scientific manner. Technology will be funded through a public referendum, not by the Board of Aldermen. Once in the charter, the program will be permanent and can only be removed by vote of the electorate.

We will not defund our police and public works to accomplish this as recommended by the Democrats.

Throughout the charter revision process, the opponents have said that you do not need to change the charter to appoint a technology committee. We agree. However, this is short-term thinking that results in disbanding of the technology committee when funding is exhausted. Consequently, it is not our best choice.

Who do you trust? What do you want?

The decision is yours to make.

John F. Anglace, Jr.

Board of Aldermen President