To the Editor:

I was asked to comment on the proposed Democratic Town Committee (DTC) Citizens Committee to oversee Shelton police department complaints.

The Shelton Republican Town Committee (RTC) and many of Shelton’s citizens know from past experience and history that the last Shelton Police Commission became a political nightmare and was not effective. My memory of citizen commissions in other towns is similar. The DTC is just grandstanding with a call for a citizens committee to oversee the Shelton Police Department.

The horrific action of one officer in Minnesota and the apparent lack of action by three others officer present at the arrest of Mr. Floyd is not condoned by anyone I have spoken to about the incident. It was inhumane for the officer to place him in such a position and to cruelly physically restrain him as he did and for the other officers not to intervene.

The DTC is trying to politicize an issue that has become a monumental disaster in the country. The stores, businesses, public housing and public parks that have been destroyed by looters, thugs and criminals is unacceptable. These crimes may have caused a decade or more of suffering for the people in neighborhoods that were beginning to grow and prosper. Please note that the towns and neighborhoods most affected by these ruthless demonstrations have been under the control of Democratic regimes in their city halls and their state capitals for 20 to 50 years.

Our Shelton police officers “protect and serve” the people of Shelton in a very professional and respectful manner.

They have done a exceptional job over the years under the current charter dictated management and they deserve our community’s respect.

Such an unfounded call for citizen oversight committee did not work in the past and the DTC has proposed nothing more than an uniformed political approach to a most important community service trying to capitalize on the unfortunate Minneapolis police incident which as I stated above we all deplore.

Anthony F. Simonetti

Shelton Republican Town Committee