The following letter is in response to an op-ed by Shelton Republican Town Committee Chairman and Board of Aldermen member Anthony Simonetti which was posted online Friday, Oct. 25.

Dear Mr. Simonetti:

There is $12 million of our money missing, and the mayor spent it from right under our noses. That is on you and the Board of Aldermen, but ultimately he did it. For years, the mayor was able to fund growth in the city budget by building new buildings that would be taxed. If you haven’t noticed, there is a plethora of “space available” signs up and down Bridgeport Avenue. Development in town has slowed because the developers aren’t making money anymore. If they were, those signs would not be all over the place.

The amazing thing is that you and the mayor continue to say that he is fiscally responsible when the following has happened - Approximately $1 million was embezzled by an employee, the $12 million operating surplus has been depleted without any oversight and oh, yeah, you guys just raised taxes on us because the shell game of adding development to cover budget increases finally ran out of steam. There are too many things here to play the fiscal responsibility card. We are smarter than this.

Scott A. Smith