Letter: McGorty remains perfect choice to represent Shelton in CT State House

McGorty remains perfect choice to represent Shelton

in CT State House

To the Editor:

On May 17, state Rep. Ben McGorty was unanimously selected to be the Republican candidate for the 122nd State Assembly seat in Hartford. Ben hit the ground running more than eight years ago when he first arrived in Hartford and has not stopped working for his constituents in Shelton, Stratford and Trumbull since that time.

Even when the State Assembly is not in formal session he is engaged in State Assembly work. It is no longer a part time position, three to four months in duration, that can be waltzed in and out of easily. The legislation and the demands of the position of state representative have advanced to being challenging and McGorty is a natural at being where he needs to be to do the most for the people he represents. He is well respected by his peers on both sides of the aisle and has no inhibitions about voicing his well thought out opinions and recommendations for less government and more private entity legislation.

He has several strengths that have served his communities well. He takes the time to read and understand the legislation that is being placed before him and his fellow legislators. He consistently fights to stop unfunded mandates to municipalities that are already burdened with state rules and regulations that are not needed or useful. Additionally, he is dedicated to reducing the cost of living to senior citizens who are many times the persons not thought of when legislation is proposed that will increase their costs of living when they are existing on a very tight fixed income.

His candid and explicit decision making prowess comes from a wealth of knowledge as a CT Real Estate SalesPerson, Fire Marshal and a proven leader in the Shelton Fire Department where he has more than 30 years of experience as well as a committee and commission member that guide and govern first responders. Ben is very committed to enhancing the training programs and facilities that are needed to provide the firefighters and other first responders the education they need to protect life and property throughout the state. He is also very adamant about properly funding law enforcement and supporting legislation that will hold criminals responsible for their actions that threaten our communities.

McGorty understands and consistently supports pro-business legislation and calls for smaller and less government. He is aware that capitalism will always be able to responsibly move forward and enhance Connecticut's economy without additional state rules, regulations and mandates that have been a financial burden to private business owners for many years. He also fights to eliminate legislation that allows for duplicate state and federal agencies which waste taxpayers’ money which is an issue he has championed since his first day in office.

Ben presently serves on the Public Safety, Regulation's Review and Banking Committees. These committee appointments have afforded him the ability and responsibility to be effective in protecting the public from the overly zealous democratically controlled legislature. He is a respected member of the legislature because of his commitment to shed light on our state's critical problems and effectively offer the best possible solutions to grow our industries, protect our first responders and make our streets, towns and cities safer for law abiding citizens.

This year's election is scheduled for Nov. 8, 2022, and is only six months away. Ben McGorty is needed in Hartford to protect us from the multi-faceted and complex state of Connecticut government juggernaut which is not always friendly to the taxpaying public.

Anthony F. Simonetti


Shelton Republican Town Committee