To the Editor:

These past years, the United States has been hit and battered by devastating hurricanes and wildfires. From Hurricane Irma that hit Puerto Rico, to the California forests burning nonstop despite determined efforts. States, organizations and public officials have worked to recuperate, rebuild and move forward.

Last year in May, Congress passed its first climate bill in a decade. HR 9, known as the Climate Action Now Act, would require the President to report back on the effects of withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. It requires him to come up with a plan of action for the U.S. to lower greenhouse gas emissions. We as a united people live, work, and thrive here in our home state of Connecticut. We need representatives who care about our health and safety. Rep. Jim Himes uses his vote for bills that benefit us and the environment.

Climate change includes our air, water, and streets; it affects our lives. Jim Himes saw that pollution in major cities affects the air and water in surrounding towns. That’s why he voted on updating the public transportation system in Stamford to guarantee dependable mobility and breathable safe air this past August.

His support helped pass the Moving Forward Act. This act focuses on improving and rebuilding infrastructures like rails, houses, and energy systems. This bill connects green policy with infrastructure to create a fair and sustainable living for Connecticut. This bill allows America to remain competitive in the global economy of renovating countries.

Congressman Himes is a man who cares about the climate and the needs of the people for a better quality of life. Voting for him doesn’t mean compromising on issues, but a joining of them. So by voting for him on Nov. 3, we are maintaining the momentum of environmental change and prosperity.

Emely Ricci