The following was published on Facebook and permission was given to run in The Shelton Herald.

To the Editor:

Diana Meyer and I would like to share our thoughts on recent school events and clarify some misinformation that’s out there.

While it’s true that Mr. Saranich would have required the extra step of getting a letter indicating that he is in good standing in the superintendent training program, this is not a difficult step, is not unprecedented, and would not have put the district at risk in any way.

Kate Kutash, Patti Moonan, Diana and I felt that pursuing this option was not only a more feasible solution, but the least disruptive to our school district. Taking Dr. Smith's focus away from the SPED program, where it is desperately needed, will prove far more disruptive for our school children most in need. Mr. Saranich, on the other hand, has worked side by side with Dr. Clouet for the better part of a year.

He has also been a vital part of the current budget process, attending every meeting, participating in every discussion, and reviewing every one of the multiple spreadsheets from each school and department. He understands the intricacies of the budget and has been working in close conjunction with our finance director and superintendent, which make him - not Dr. Smith - the best suited to “finish the budget.”

He also has the Central Office experience that makes him the most obvious choice to step into this interim role. In fact, his job description clearly states: “The Assistant Superintendent will serve as an integral member of the School District’s leadership team and will assume responsibility for the School District in the absence of the Superintendent,” a position we would not have hired Mr. Saranich for had we not felt he had the competency and qualifications to do so.

I apologize to those of you who have not been given full information and were led to believe that this is somehow a matter of the Democrats “stirring the pot” or that our current superintendent left us with no other choice. Our intention is, and always has been, to do what is best for our schools, our teachers and our children.

Amanda Kilmartin

Diana Meyer

Board of Education members