This letter to the editor is in response to the article on school security published in the Oct. 10 edition of The Shelton Herald.

To the Editor:

It’s true some of the security officers in the schools are ex-police officers, and most of the other security officers are licensed ex-military, licensed weapons instructors, and ex-prison officers all licensed to carry in Connecticut.

The issue I have is we are not allowed to carry concealed weapons at the schools we are stationed at. We may be a deterrent, but if an active shooter enters the school, we have no means to stop an active shooter and are inadequate for protecting the students and faculty. Connecticut law states schools are “gun free zones,” but this doesn’t stop the person intent on shooting up a school.

The Connecticut law must be changed to allow trained security officers the right to protect themselves, students and faculty from an active shooter situation. I myself, ex-military, when hired as a licensed to carry executive protection security officer, had to quality with my weapon every year from all different shooting positions and with either hand. The Shelton security officers are all trained and highly qualified to carry licensed weapons in Connecticut.

The statement, and I quote, “Some of the security guards are licensed to carry firearms” is true, but a little misleading because we cannot carry in a “Connecticut gun free zone” and all Connecticut school properties are “gun free zones.”

The other security officers, some parents and some faculty would agree they would rather have security officers carry weapons. After all, we are there to protect the student and adult population.

I think a citywide referendum question should be added to the November vote, and let the people decide. Should licensed security officers carry a concealed weapon for the protection of Shelton’s student and faculty population? After all, we are protecting their children.

Gene Pategas