Letter: Shelton DTC forms task force to address racism

The Shelton Democratic Town Committee.

The Shelton Democratic Town Committee.

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To the Editor:

The Shelton Democratic Town Committee (SDTC) recently released a statement in support of the protests against racial injustice and included some steps that could be taken locally to combat institutional and systemic racism. We are not stopping with a statement. The SDTC is committed to bring about much-needed changes.

Therefore, we have established a task force to develop processes going forward to bring diversity not only to our town committee but also to foster a better understanding among our residents to help them celebrate diversity and eliminate racism across the city. It will take our collective efforts if real changes are to be achieved. This task force will be comprised not only of DTC members; we extend a sincere invitation to any individual or local group that would like to join us in our mission for change.

For more information about the SDTC and the task force, please contact us through our Facebook page or by email to sheltondemocrats@gmail.com

David Gioiello


Shelton Town Committee