To the Editor:

Republican elected officials are misdirecting voters by falsely claiming that they need a charter revision to improve our school information technology infrastructure. Shame on them for trying to trick parents to get them to vote for a charter revision that takes away voter choice and accountability over the city budget.

We all agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has created the need to improve the technology infrastructure of our schools. Let’s make those improvements the right way.

The charter revision is a power grab for the mayor and nothing more. And the mayor doesn’t want you to know that other cities and towns don’t require a charter revision to share IT resources. In the town of Seymour, the selectmen and the BOE simply vote to share information technology infrastructure between the town and the schools. It's not part of their charter because it doesn’t need to be.

The aldermen are holding school funds hostage to fool you to vote for a smaller pool of candidates to choose from for city boards. They want you to give the mayor more power over boards and budgets while eliminating virtually all accountability. They want you to let the mayor hand-pick his political favorites for every major city operation. Their plan is to withhold funding for essential school IT Infrastructure to get you to vote for a bad charter revision.

Tell them no, it's not acceptable to use Shelton students and their education as leverage to gather more power for themselves. Tell your alderman to take responsibility for the truth and to fund our schools with honesty. Whether you are voting in person or by mail, vote no on the question asking you if the changes to the charter should be approved on your ballot during this year's election.

Kevin Kosty

Shelton Democratic Town Committee

Vice Chairman