Letter: Student showed courage in speaking at hearing

Peggy Camp sent the following message to Board of Aldermen President John Anglace and made a copy available to the Herald for publication:
Dear Mr. Anglace:
I’m contacting you in regards to a comment made by you to the student from Shelton High School at the budget hearing. The student was speaking about the services he received, and his experiences, during his school years.
You rudely made a comment about him telling his life story. So here’s my life story:
I have a son who graduated last year, and he received services throughout his school years. He struggled through the years but worked very hard and graduated with honors.
If asked to stand up and speak in front of crowd, he would do it but he would be very intimidated. Not only as his mother but as a respectful adult, he then would have my full attention and patience to hear him during his statement.
You did not give that young gentlemen the respect and patience that was due to him.
You obviously do not understand the courage it takes for most people, let alone a person who has some learning issues, to stand up in front of a crowd — not to mention a group of adults, who mostly looked like they had no interest at all in what was being said — and speak.
That boy had the courage to do so, and he also deserved the respect from everyone while he did it. That he did not get from you, and for that he deserves a public apology from you.
As an employee in a school district and as a parent, I teach my kids respect, patience and understanding for everyone. And the best way to do that is to lead by example.
Mr. Anglace, it’s time for you to lead by example.
Peggy Camp