Letter: Supports Gidwani for aldermen Ward 1 seat

To the Editor:

As the local election season approaches, I thought I would take a moment to share with you the wonderful experiences I have had with Alderman David Gidwani. Over the past year, I have gotten to know David through the annual challenge over the budget for our public schools budget. I can tell, unequivocally, that he has a vision for what our community can be and is working tirelessly to help that vision happen.

David is not even my alderman, as I live in a different ward, but he has made it a point to reach out and be available to all the citizens and constituencies of Shelton. When the fiasco that has been the school bus situation was coming to a head, I called him to both vent and find out what was going on. He took my call, had the good sense let me explain my feelings and then gave me answers. He made my concerns important to him. He had some answers, but the ones he did not have he went out and got for me personally. Not once, even though this was clearly a huge screw up, did he make an excuse. He faced the music and worked the problem to try find solutions to alleviate my concerns. That is called leadership in my book, and David has those skills in abundance.

While other politicians in town are only interested in telling you what is wrong and who is to blame for it, David has routinely risen above the fray and worked to find solutions. He’s accessible, responsible and knows that with work and commitment we can turn our town into the gem we all know it can be. If you live in Ward 1, consider yourself very lucky to have such an honorable individual serving your ward and remember that come November.

Scott A. Smith