To the Editor:

Shelton’s citizens drive too fast — not the first time you have heard, read that and it won’t be the last — and full stops at corners are almost not existent. Our neighborhood had two stop signs removed from the corner of Hayfield and Maple Avenue on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. It put the persons who drive in this area at risk. Our neighbors would appreciate anyone who witnessed or knows who removed the signs to contact Shelton PD. The cost of the signs and replacing them should be borne by those that performed this very dangerous prank. If even one person is injured, it would be tragic. The neighbors have complained about those who don’t stop when the signs are in place, Shelton PD has been very diligent about patrolling and assisting in trying to make it a safer corner, but they cannot be there 24/7, and we appreciated their efforts. Please help us find the person(s) who did not think about others’ safety.

On a lighter note we have an opportunity to have a virtual “Memorial Day Parade.” I know there are photos and videos of the men, women, children and vehicles that have prominently and proudly celebrated Memorial Day on the streets of Shelton and Derby in the past. If you would be kind enough to forward them to Dan Bednarsky at City Hall, (, he will place them on the City of Shelton website for all to review ... old or new, lets see what you have.

Remembering our military, not just for Memorial Day, for the sacrifices they have made, is important, especially when we recently witnessed them in combat against the Covid-19 virus. Not a shot was fired, nor a salvo lobbed, but when they were called upon, there were boots on the ground immediately, a massive movement of personnel, equipment and supplies to battle the small but very deadly microbe. They came to our rescue ready, willing and selflessly and without question stepped up to the plate providing us with the logistics, extra medical teams, beds, supplies and the calming knowledge that they had our backs. Hats off and God bless and keep everyone one of them in your prayers.

To our military stationed around the world, thank you for your service and sacrifices; to our veterans who fought for the freedoms we cherish, we salute you and proudly acclaim you as our heroes; to the families of those who did not return from war, you are not forgotten because your loved ones gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our way of life and protect us and the world from tyranny.

Moving forward I want to see our city and all of our businesses open and flourish ASAP. Each of us has helped to pull down the “curve” and it’s time to get back to a new normal and eventually to a more normal life when we have a tested medical vaccine to protect us. We are being dragged into what I will call a “European Rut” by the heavy handedness of our governor’s stand-down orders. We should be, at this point, moving forward to get the economic part of our society back in gear. We are witnessing store shelves empty because of panic buying and uncertainty while large stores can open and the smaller and medium-sized businesses are shuttered. Our small business entrepreneurs are very able to adapt to social distancing and extra sanitary measures without more government bureaucrats’ interference. I bet that if our Washington and Hartford elected official lost their jobs, paychecks and benefits, we would not have been languishing in this C-virus darkness for so long. And individually 99 percent of us can understand and appreciate wearing face coverings and not shaking hands in the foreseeable future while we carefully protect our elderly and most vulnerable citizens but let us do it freely and immediately.

To our first responders, medical and hospital staffs and those working in our nursing homes, whether they are passing meds, prepping meals, sanitizing a room or an ambulance, making sure PPE is available or dispatching police and EMTs, you are also our heroes who live in our neighborhoods and don’t always get the recognition you deserve; we say thank you.

Stay well and safe.

Anthony F. Simonetti

Board of Alderman

1st Ward