To the Editors:

Shelton are you tired?

On Nov. 3, you were given an important choice regarding the future of our city. 21,628 of you voted and 70 percent said no to the proposed charter revisions. An overwhelming voice saying we do not accept what you have presented to us. Despite such a strong mandate, the response from our leadership has been rather distressing.

The night of the election our city leaders said they had no discussions on how to proceed if the revisions were denied. Was this due to the fact that they thought we would just accept the status quo and do as they wish? True leaders will listen to their constituents. When faced with a rejection they will find compromise. Instead our leaders said their loss on the charter ‘defied logic.’ This is an insult to the voters of Shelton.

When educated and presented with all the information, the voters are deemed illogical? Those of us who led the charge to inform the voters were called dissidents. Let us not forget the parents who have fought tirelessly every year to bring more money to education. This year leadership deemed them greedy. Our police union has been referred to as a "nest of vipers" in the past. Who is next? Leaders need to inspire, listen and compromise. We are lacking that.

Please join us at Envision Shelton. We are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, students, senior citizens, police officers, Save Our Shelton supporters, small business owners, parents, homeowners, and lifelong residents. Shelton we are you, and we are tired.

Envision Shelton

Lorraine Rossner, chair