Letter: Union busting likely to prove costly to taxpayers

Letters to the editor should be emailed to editor@sheltonherald.com

Letters to the editor should be emailed to editor@sheltonherald.com

Macklin Reid / Hearst Connecticut Media

To the Editor:

Several judgments against the City have resulted in Shelton taxpayers assuming unnecessary financial burdens. The first was a recent ruling by the State Labor Relations Board regarding three separate actions involving the Shelton Police Department. The SLRB found the City was in violation of the existing Police Union Contract by its denial of bathroom access and related items. The City did not negotiate in good faith per the SLRB.

The City was also found to be guilty of retaliatory actions against a police union rep by having him charged with trespass for examining the two porta potties on city property. The Shelton Democrats adopted a resolution at the time of these incidents supporting the Police Union in these grievances and the SLRB rulings prove our judgment was correct.

Another ruling by the Labor Board against the City found the requirement to have a “hold harmless” agreement signed by Shelton Police staff to be unjustified. The City was requiring all police employees who returned to work to execute such an agreement. The City was ordered to stop this practice.

The current administration’s anti-union stance is also exhibited by the treatment of public works highway staff that were seeking to join the department’s union. It was the second judgment against the City regarding these four employees in less than six months. The City was told to cease this harassment against the City workers.

These are just the latest actions the current Republican administration has taken against our City employees. It’s unfortunate that Shelton, with our history of manufacturing and organized labor and many residents who are proud union members, has a government that disregards city employees’ rights and wastes City resources trying to break unions. These actions could be appealed by the City which will ultimately increase legal fees. The public should know the cost of these rulings to Shelton taxpayers.

Kevin Kosty

Chairman, Shelton Democratic Town Committee