Letter: Upset at Anglace’s ‘rudeness and lack of respect’

To the Editor:
I attended the Board of Aldermen (BOA) public hearing on May 12 to support the Board of Education’s (BOE) budget request. Needless to say, I was appalled at the inappropriate behavior displayed by BOA President John Anglace towards the end of the meeting.
The arrogance, rudeness and lack of respect directed at a young man who was making his comments about his positive experience as a special needs student in the Shelton system, caused me and the 99-plus others present to gasp in disbelief.
The Valley Independent Sentinel has posted the video online — so his comments cannot be labeled as hearsay nor can they be spun to mean anything else.
It is my hope that this video goes viral, makes it to YouTube, and that the news media outlets all over the country — who were so laser-focused on the Shelton prom issue — will also pick up on it and give this as much attention, if not more.
I’m sure that those Shelton residents who have voted for Alderman Anglace for so many years will be very disappointed at this inappropriate behavior when they actually watch the video and see it for themselves.
It took a lot of courage for this high school student to come to the podium and he deserves a visible public apology from Alderman Anglace.
What we need in our government (from federal down through municipalities) and in our business communities are leaders who are positive role models. The behavior Alderman Anglace displayed was a textbook example of how leaders should not behave.
We need people who will lead by example or, if they’ve been around for too long and become oblivious to the needs of their constituents, to retire. In any case, it’s a sad commentary for our wonderful city of Shelton.
I urge the BOA and Mayor Mark Lauretti to stop the madness and nonsense. Please do the right thing and fund the BOE budget, at minimum for the rollover amount.
Our Shelton children, grandchildren and taxpayers deserve better.
Mary Jane Paris