To the Editor:

I have heard many comments recently about voting that trouble me. I have seen some people say they refuse to vote for a candidate that is a Democrat because they hate what the Democrats have done at the state level. I have also seen others say they refuse to vote for any Republican candidates because they don’t like what the president has done on a national level.

I urge everyone to vote as a Shelton resident first and do what is best for Shelton. Local politics are very different than state or national politics. To run as a local candidate, it is in a candidate’s best interest to run on behalf of a party. A party will give you exposure and financial support. Of the nearly 50 candidates on the Shelton ballot, only one is running as an independent. If you talk to the candidates, you will probably find on a state and national level they agree with issues from both parties. But their local candidacy will find more support if pledged to one party.

This election season do not be short-sighted to vote for someone solely based on political party. Take the time to know the candidates and what they stand for. The Herald has posted bios on all the candidates. The Shelton Patch will also be publishing bios. There are meet the candidate forums. For those that can’t attend the forums, live stream and/or video recording will be provided on Facebook. Many candidates have literature about their views on the issues and some are door knocking to meet voters. Take the time to talk to them and tell them what you like or don’t like in our city. And let them tell you how they are going to work for you and the city. Do not vote based solely on a party. Vote for what is best for Shelton.

Diana Meyer

Democrat Board of Education candidate