To the Editor:

I’ve been knocking doors the past three years talking to Shelton voters about the issues, oddly I’ve been told I don’t talk about myself enough. So, I’m writing to help voters better know me, Kevin Kosty, and why I’m running.

This is my second campaign for alderman and last year I volunteered for our state Senate campaign serving as Treasurer, tracking donations, budgets, reporting to the State Elections Enforcement Commission and complying with state laws. Good experience for an alderman as they are responsible for the city budget.

I am a scientist. I attended a small College in Rochester, N.Y., because it had lots of instrumentation for its size where I got a lot of experience repairing them. Then I worked at labs where I built a larger reputation for repairing equipment. That attracted my current employer who brought me to Shelton where I train employees how to repair instruments we manufacture.

Voters tell me Shelton has a lot of things to repair, including downtown, where I’ve lived for 11 years. It’s slowly improving but there’s concerns about traffic, parking and quality of life. Developers commission studies and we appreciate that. But I think the city needs its own whole city study not just for what exists today but for future planning to make sure businesses are successful and residents can safely enjoy their neighborhoods.

City financials also need repair. The mill rate increased this year because our reserve fund was emptied and consequently our bond rating dropped twice. The city budget shows line items but don’t provide detail about the money spent. Citizens should have those details and the city should set goals that align with improving Shelton. I support giving the Board of Apportionment & Taxation more oversight power as a bipartisan watchdog so we can be confident those goals are met.

And the relationship between City Hall and the Board of Education is the big topic for repair this year. Most voters I’ve spoken with don’t want their money spent on lawsuits against the BOE. I’ve been to a lot of meetings where the alderman ask the BOE’s spending. What I don’t hear the alderman ask is “what do you need?” The two boards should coordinate their goals for Shelton.

Those are the big issues I hear from voters, and what I will work on as alderman.

Kevin Kosty

Democrat candidate

Board of Aldermen, 2nd Ward