Thanking BOE GOP members for reimbursement push

To the Editor:

I would like to personally thank Kathleen Yolish, Amy Romano, Carl Rizzo, John Fitzgerald and James Orazietti for doing something to get our reimbursement money from the state, which should have been accomplished a long time ago under the previous administration.

One of the projects was 12 years old. That is crazy. Listened to the virtual meeting and was shocked to hear a 10-year BOE member ask about a punch list. Really, a punch list? It has always been the BOE’s responsibility to direct the superintendent to file the paper work from these projects.

I wrote a letter back on August 2016 discussing this very same topic (, when we had issues getting the Sunnyside roof done. Normal close out would be well within a year, so some of this money has been long overdue and held up by lack of action from the previous regime.

The reimbursement the city of Shelton will receive is more than $4 million. This delay postponed the start of needed projects on other school buildings. You are seeing direct results of last year’s elections. This BOE has accomplished in five months what the previous superintendent and former BOE leadership failed to do in the last 12 years.

Francis Macilvain