The community has been amazing. Below is a list of different people and items that have been getting donated.

The city of Shelton, Mayor Mark Lauretti and Public Safety Director Mike Maglione have been working very hard to help with securing many needed medical supplies as well as specialized cleaning products for decontamination of our equipment, installing new decontamination wash sinks in our garage for our crews, ensuring we have enough paper towels, hand soaps and supplies for our building to ensure a clean facility. They have been providing exceptional support to our EMS crews by working with both local departments, the private sector and state authorities to help secure the much needed supplies.

Shelton interim school Superintendent Beth Smith, along with of Head School Nurse Adrianna Collins, were a huge help by donating a large quantity of surgical masks, gloves and some other medical supplies from the school nurses offices around town. The Shelton Intermediate School students, under the guidance of teacher Robert Swercewski, have been able to make full face shields that have been donated as well. These students and the schools have been amazing by using their skills and resources to help our EMS providers in Shelton.

We have had local companies donate some cleaning supplies and hand sanitizers. Each donation, no matter big or small is helping. Every bottle of hand sanitizer. Every small item that is donated adds up and is helping us to provide the pre-hospital care to those in need while keeping our crews and those who we serve safe and healthy. We have had people drop off one can of disinfectant spray, one box of masks, one bottle of hand sanitizer. This is a amazing. If everyone helps just a little bit with a small donation, we will have enough supplies to last a few months while our suppliers can work on restocking and getting out the supplies we normally order on a regular basis. Our supply chain for medical supplies has slowed greatly so it’s important that we do our best to find the much-needed items in our community.

We had a private donor, the Haque family, donate a large number of the much-needed N-95 masks. Island Sand and Gravel of Shelton donated a number of masks as well. This is all very necessary and very much appreciated. In regards to medical supplies, we do need more surgical and N-95 masks, impervious medical gowns, hand sanitizers and cleaning supplies. Any donation, no matter the size is very much appreciated.

Local companies have switched from their normal products and started making medical supplies. We recognize and thank ThermaXX from West Haven who went from making industrial pipe insulation to making and donating gowns from Tyvek house wrap. They have donated thousands to local first responders and healthcare providers.

Litchfield Distillery and SoNo 1420 Distillery in Norwalk have been making hand sanitizer and donating thousands of small bottles around the area to first responders and healthcare providers.

Local families have been sending breakfast, lunch and dinner occasionally to our crews and supporting the local businesses. This is very much appreciated by our crews because many days we are responding to 20 or more calls and being able to stop and eat a healthy meal can be difficult. We had a local family donate $200 to a local restaurant that allowed our crews to stop in and get a meal between calls. These kind gestures help keep our crews well fed and boosts the mood each time a restaurant arrives at the door with food.

If you would like to donate supplies, or make a donation, email us at or call Joe Laucella at 203-924-5500, ext. 5.

Thank you to all our friends and family in our Shelton community. Please remember — social distancing, stay home and stay safe.