Op-Ed: Harmon lays out plans for Shelton's future

You’ve seen the Republican campaign signs. They’re all over Shelton. Low taxes is the message. And that’s been the Republican message for the last 28 years. But Shelton deserves more than just low taxes. I’ve talked to voters and they tell me that there needs to be focus on those things that can make Shelton better than it is.

And what are those things?

Focus on education: Schools should not be an annoying expense. Our schools should provide our children with the head start they’ll need for success and to become good citizens. Our schools can improve our property values. Our schools should be a source of pride for the citizens of Shelton. As mayor I will bring the focus necessary to fund our schools properly, to work with the Board of Education to solve problems, and to be an ambassador for our schools.

Focus on open and efficient government: The citizens deserve to know how their government is working, why the bond rating has dropped and where the surplus has gone. As mayor, city finances will be transparent. City operations will be held to good standards of efficiency. If city departments are more efficient, there may be money available to serve other priorities - like the schools.

Focus on a long-term plan for development: Shelton citizens deserve to know how the development projects of today will fit into what Shelton looks like tomorrow. They should know the plans for Bridgeport Avenue and the downtown area, exactly what they should expect for Shelter Ridge, and the uses of our beautiful forested lands. As mayor, I will seek community input for a five-year development plan so citizens can look forward to seeing what Shelton will become.

Focus on roads, parks and recreation: Citizens deserve parks that are well maintained and public buildings that are not on the verge of major repair. They deserve to know when roads will be repaved and lined. As mayor, citizens will know what public works projects are scheduled and how it will affect them.

Shelton deserves more than just low taxes. Our community has the potential of becoming much more than that. As mayor, I will be dedicated to realizing that potential.