Op-Ed: Perillo furious about grocery tax

Shelton state Rep. Jason Perillo speaks during the toll forum in Derby on Wednesday, March 20.

Shelton state Rep. Jason Perillo speaks during the toll forum in Derby on Wednesday, March 20.

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On Oct. 1, Connecticut taxpayers will once again be penalized by the decisions made by Democrats in Hartford. On that day we will see a new grocery tax on food items that were never taxed before.

Details of this Democrats’ grocery tax plan were vague when they originally approved it in June. It wasn’t until last week that we learned from the Department of Revenue Services that a long list of food items will now be taxed at 7.35 percent, which is 16 percent higher than the existing sales tax.

The list of food items includes packaged and prepared foods that you or your family may buy at the store weekly or daily. Here is a short list of some of the food items that will now be taxed:

• Rotisserie chicken

• Meal replacement bars

• Doughnuts, muffins, rolls, bagels, and pastries (five or fewer)

• Soup sold in containers of eight ounces or less, unless sold in factory prepackaged units

As you can imagine, this new grocery tax on these above items has received backlash from Republican lawmakers and the public. When I talked to residents over the weekend and read comments on Facebook, the majority of taxpayers are furious that this is another tax that we don’t need and can’t absorb.

I am equally as disgusted with the lack of oversight over our money by the governor and his party. The governor is going down the same road as our past governor, Dan Malloy. We can’t tax ourselves out of this problem, and we need to start digging deep to find waste in our state government.

I have offered solutions to go after waste, fraud and abuse in our state’s entitlement programs. My ideas have been rejected, but I will not back down. If you are just as mad as I am about how our state government is being operated I am asking you to reach out to the governor’s office and the leaders of House and Senate Democrats and ask them to change the way they are doing things in Hartford. By speaking out against these ridiculous proposals, we may get the governor and legislative Democrats to rethink their tax increases.