Op-Ed: ‘Unity’ lost on Democrats last four years

Shelton voters can be justly proud for exercising their right to vote in record breaking numbers. We had a great turnout despite COVID-19.

Shelton voters did their job and our Registrar of Voters office once again earned our trust with sensational organization that resulted in an accurate and timely count of the vote despite the unusual number of absentee ballots cast. And that, my friends, is probably the only thing that Republicans and Democrats can agree on.

President Trump received overwhelming Shelton support (65 percent to 35 percent). That was not the case throughout the state of Connecticut, and the outcome of this Presidential election is still in doubt.

The vote count in several states - Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Minnesota - remain uncertain although the media (with no statutory authority) have called these races. Unfortunately, transparency and other questions of irregularities remain and are headed to the courts with the outcome uncertain. In Wisconsin 3,239,920 votes were cast when there are only 3,129,000 registered voters. Also, under question is how nearly 100 percent of all votes from Madison, Wisc., went for Joe Biden (a statistical improbability). Judicial Watch has sued Pennsylvania to clean its voter rolls of some 800,000 inactive voters and sued North Carolina and two of its counties for failing to clean their voter rolls, both of whom are now at the center of this election controversy.

Sensing victory, Joe Biden has called for unity asking this politically divided country to come together.

Most will remember how Democrats “united” the country when President Trump was elected in 2016. The Democrats “united” the country by refusing to attend the inauguration, then Nancy Pelosi showed her “unity” by tearing up the President’s speech on national TV. Then came the special counsel to investigate Russian election interference, then the Steele Dossier paid by Hillary Clinton, 22 FBI agents lost their jobs because of spying on Trump, riots, looting and violence. Some $400 billion contributed by Soros and Bloomberg. A lack of media coverage about the Biden’ relationships with China, Russia, Ukraine, Burisma and then COVID, COVID and more COVID, leading Democrat governors to shut down economies.

Oh yes, do not forget the kangaroo impeachment of President Trump by a 100 percent vote of House Democrats. They even stonewalled the second COVID stimulus check.

The average working American may have lost this election and America may be less great. And yes, President Trump and the American people have every right to seek answers to the many election questions facing our country because of this election. Our democracy provides the checks and balances that will produce the correct solution. Keep your seat belts fastened. The ride may get bumpy.

John Anglace Jr. is president of the Board of Aldermen.