Shelton Republican Town Committee endorses Trump

In 2015 Evangelist Franklin Graham said that the American Dream had ended. We’re not sure we agree. It certainly has changed over the last eight years (and not for the better) from that envisioned by Norman Rockwell where hard work was rewarded. But there is still time to save the American Dream and that is why we write.

Obama and Hillary have spent the last eight years increasing worker taxes and sharing our tax dollars with those who made poor choices, those who came to this country illegally and those brought in under refugee status from the Middle East. There is no end in sight as to when these people will support themselves and get off the public dole.

Instead, Hillary wants to bring in another 500,000 unscreened refugees, most of whom are males under age 30. Have we learned nothing from the terror these unscreened individuals have brought to our European neighbors? Are we so gullible that we allow a 40+ year old United Nations treaty to overrule our long standing and very successful U.S. Immigration laws? And why is it that the only refugees are Muslims? No Christians! Just Muslims!

Are we better now than we were eight years ago? Who would do a better job of returning the American Dream – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Let’s examine a few issues:

Immigration – Those following our immigration laws are screened, have a sponsor and a job and swear allegiance to the United States. Those here under refugee status are settled en masse in one location and are fully cared for compliments of working class American tax dollars with no commitment to defend America from its enemies or to meld into our society.

Supreme Court Appointments – The next President will make enough appointments to control the Supreme Court for our lifetime. Effects of liberal versus conservative lifetime appointments will have a major impact on whether the American Dream will be realized through hard work or through lifetime government handouts. It is possible that Hillary will appoint Obama to the Supreme Court where he can continue his destruction.

Economy – We’re $19 trillion in debt, the highest ever with an unfavorable trade balance that prevents recovery…a formula for economic disaster. You’ve heard Trump’s economic plan. Does Hillary have one? Last we heard she was promising more of the same Obama policies and more red ink. Aristotle once said that a democracy will survive until its voters find that they can vote themselves great benefits and then it is doomed. History bears this out with the demise of the Greek and Roman civilizations.

Radical Islam – Does the U.S. continue to pay more reparations and provide Iran with nuclear capability as Obama and the Secretary of State did or do we embrace added cooperation with Israel and our free world allies?

Unsecured Emails – Hillary’s reckless and illegal use of her unsecured emails compromised U.S. and world security. Her inability to recall any of the factual details surrounding this issue is a sign of Alzheimer’s or other physical/mental deficiency or just plain lies. This may be a sign that she is unfit to serve. We may disagree with Trump’s building of a wall to protect our borders but he sure is on the right track to stop illegal drugs and illegal immigration…both of which are among the President’s first duty to protect the people he serves.

Religious rights – Muslim religious practices in public have been strongly upheld, those of other faiths have been trampled over the last 8 years. God has been stricken from our schools and the military. Public references to God are found to be offensive. Yet, Muslim prayer is OK. Catholic Church organizations are being made to provide abortion benefits that are against their religious beliefs. Religious protections for some, persecution for others! Which candidate do you think will best protect your religious rights?

Job creation – Interesting choice! Trump will find ways to keep companies producing in America and create more jobs. Hillary leads the group who says why work then you can get it for free?

Poverty – Over the last eight years Obama has raised the poverty threshold thereby putting more people on food stamps, Medicaid, free housing, etc. Hillary will continue this practice while Trump will put the able back to work.

Executive Orders – Record number of Executive Orders issued by Obama over the last eight years; more than all previous Presidents combined. He has effectively transformed our tripartite form of government to a dictatorship.

Medical Insurance – Under 65 can’t keep up with program changes; premiums and co pays escalating faster than the cost of living … premiums for those on Medicare rising annually at 30% plus forcing constant benefit reductions … private insurers leaving the marketplace … soon the government will totally control the benefits we receive, the premiums we pay and what doctors/hospitals we can see. Doctors and hospitals receive less jeopardizing our quality of care.

Meanwhile, this ill conceived disaster has resulted in hundreds of new taxes on everyone. The affordable free market medical insurance that provided good care at reasonable rates is gone. Our senior’s retirement savings are at risk. Unfair, unbelievable but true and few really understand how their insurance program works. Seniors need help. They are not insurance experts. Right now our seniors are being subjected to medical insurance trauma, second to none…thanks to Obama care.

For all the preceding reasons the 2016 Presidential Election is not about Republican versus Democrat. It’s about “saving America”, saving the Free Enterprise System; the economic driver that has made immigrants millionaires and raised the standard of living for Americans and their allies all over the world.

Never in our history have Democrat politicians so boldly advocated converting America to a Socialist System. Led by President Obama, the America has changed from a “hand up” to a “hand out” culture. Obama and the democrats have done more to incite race hatred than any previous administration.

Those who grew up under dictatorships will tell you that Americans must wake up before it’s too late. The future of American Democracy, our individual freedoms and the free enterprise system are at stake in this election. It’s up to each one of us to figure out what’s best for our children and grandchildren and vote accordingly. This analysis is designed to provide key issues to help with your decision.

In our opinion Donald Trump represents the best chance for America’s Survival! May God bless and save America!