Analogies are used to help students understand that at times we all need support and guidance. For example, a gymnast who uses a spotter to learn complicated dismounts, or an aspiring artist who first paints by numbers before creating their masterpiece. In each example the supports help bring about autonomy and independence.

In the American tradition of educating citizens, Shelton public schools have adopted a vision for graduates.

The vision defines six critical skills and attributes that all students will become proficient in and include Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Creativity and Innovation, Flexibility & Adaptability, Initiative & Self Direction, Collaboration, and Empathy.

Each of these six attributes is necessary for success and valued by private sector businesses, government institutions and family groups.

The traditional support for bringing about this vision has been the K-12 educational experience beginning in one of five elementary schools found in Shelton and ending at the high school.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic the outcome of Shelton public schools remain the same, to ensure each and every student becomes proficient in the six attributes found in Shelton’s Vision of the Graduate.

The supports, however, have temporarily changed giving rise for the professional educators within the district to provide our students with models of these six attributes in action while also providing them with opportunities to engage in the same through distance learning.

Together, we remain strong. Together, we will provide supports, and together, we will continue to educate the youth of our city.