Column: Wouldn't it be great to be Superman?

Wouldn’t it be great to be Superman? Physically fit, indestructible, tireless, strong, super-fast. We’d have the house in shape, the work at the office caught up and the kids in line in no time.

Wait ... did I say indestructible? But, he wasn’t. There was this little thing called kryptonite. You know, the rock from the planet Krypton that, when it was near him, weakened him.

Recently, at one of my weight loss meetings, this analogy came to my mind as I was describing the strong force food can have over us. That overpowering magnetism that draws us in, weakening us much like kryptonite weakens Superman.

And, like kryptonite, our proximity to the food parallels to how much power it has over us. Think about it. When you pass through the kitchen and a pretty plate of something yummy is out looking oh-so-delicious, your eyes go to it, you envision yourself cutting a slice and you suddenly really want some. You try to put it out of your mind, but your thoughts keep returning to it. And so the desire grows.

Cleaning up leftovers can be torture, too. That meatloaf and mashed potatoes just tasted way too good to have the pleasure end. You’re handling them and wrapping them and you want to finish that last few ounces on your little one’s plate.

The amazing thing is how much power the food doesn’t have when it’s in its lead box. For you non-Superman buffs, kryptonite couldn’t hurt Superman if it was behind lead.] Once it’s out of sight, put away, thrown out or sent to someone else’s house, the spell is weakened and dissolves into a mere wisp. Once again, Superman can make a full recovery back to health and strength.

But not always can he get rid of the kryptonite himself. As strong as he was, he wouldn’t have made it without the help of a friend. Sometimes, neither can we. And we need to ask for help.

Ask guests to take their unfinished dessert home with them. Insist. Ask someone else to do the meal clean up while you escape for a while. Ask your significant other not to purchase their favorite ice cream to keep in the freezer. Suggest that you go out for ice cream instead. There are a lot of places that have every flavor, including something light for you. Find out what’s making your life difficult and ask for the help that you need.

For some of us the pull of food is very strong, but we don’t have to be superheroes. If we get the kryptonite out of the way, we can be strong again, in no time.

Kim Bensen, author of Finally Thin, was a lifetime yo-yo dieter who lost 200+ pounds and has kept it off for more than 10 years. She owns the Kim Bensen Weight Loss Center and just opened Kim’s Light Café and Smoothie Bar at 405 Bridgeport Ave., in Shelton. For more information, tips and recipes, go to