As your elected official who is proudly serving the First Ward, I have made it a point to travel each and every road in the First Ward. I have taken photos of potholes, missing street signs, broken curbing, sink holes, and the general conditions of your street.

In November 2010 as your voice in the city, I submitted a number of streets for major road improvements for the 2011 Pavement Rehabilitation Project, overlays, and chip-sealing.

The funding was to come from the question the voters approved for bonding.

I recommended Astoria Lane, Beardsley Road, Biltmore Road, Dickinson Drive, Dimon Road, East Village Road, Grandison Place, Ledgewood Road, Lenore Drive, Margaret Drive, Martinka Drive, Nicholdale Drive, Poe Place, Revere Road, Robert Frost Drive, School Street, Stendahl Drive, Village Drive and Webster Drive.

Also, on behalf of residents, I submitted Princess Wenonah Drive, Rodia Ridge Road and Thoreau Drive.

According to the Department of Public Works, the 2012 Road Rehabilitation Program did address Beardsley Road, Grandison Place and Nicholdale Drive, and completed East Village Road.

On one street where I reported two potholes, to my surprise the Highways Department did some rehabilitation work in front of 6 Hayfield Drive and skid-paved 844 feet of that street for $42,000.

Have checked the roads again this year

This year I again traveled the road system in the First Ward, taking photos and requesting that our Highways Department address various issues with the recent $5 million in bonding approved by the electors for reconstruction and resurfacing of roads in the city.

I once again submitted the same list of streets that I requested in 2010 to the Highways Department for major road improvements for the 2013 Pavement Rehabilitation Project. I have been informed that my requested streets will be evaluated.

 John “Jack” Finn is a longtime Shelton alderman for the First Ward.