Gun control laws not stopping criminals

Connecticut is fast becoming the Wild, Wild West of New England. Our state has a host of gun laws intended to curb gun violence, however while these laws are well intended, they have not stopped criminals from using guns to commit crimes.

We have seen a mother and her child killed by drug dealers; a former mayor of Bridgeport hit by a stray bullet from a gang member two blocks away; young children wounded by stray gun shots; drug dealers shooting other drug dealers in turf wars; drug users killed because they couldn't pay their dealer.

In many communities across our state, homeowners have had bullet holes in their homes that end up in a child's bedroom wall, most recently in Ansonia. Such occurrences have been reported to the local police. Also there has been past shootings involving innocent children riding their bicycles or sitting on their porch getting wounded with stray gang member's guns.

In Easton, Penn., a former inmate was able to smuggle a gun into prison by hiding it in his underwear even though four searches failed to find the weapon. If they used a wand the weapon would have been found in minutes.

Due to an incident in New Haven, liberal mayor John DeStefano is preparing to have yet another gun law in his city, also anti-gun advocates will no doubt pressure the general assembly to pass new gun restriction laws in 2013.

Citizens who live in areas of gun violence are reluctant to help the police find the perpetrators for fear of retaliation from these criminals who have the mentality of Mexican Drug Cartel thugs and would cause bodily harm to any citizens who would go to the authorities.

I will be submitting a bill to provide all law enforcement officers with hand-held security scanner wands that would be able to detect dangerous weapons possessed by an individual. Criminals do not obey laws so any new gun laws passed in Connecticut will have no effect on their deviant behavior. Knowing that a law enforcement officer has a hand-held wand metal detector in their possession will, in my opinion, stop the criminal element from carrying weapons for fear of being arrested.

It is my hope citizens in these troubled areas call their representative in Hartford urging them to support my efforts.

Most people who have gone to an airport do not have a problem with these devices which are actually less intrusive than a pat-down. The cost of the hand held scanner wand metal detector range from $48 to $200 each. This is far more effective than any new or current gun law.

State Rep. Larry Miller is a Republican representing the 122nd of Shelton, Trumbull and Stratford in Hartford.