Pitch in and help clean up

Shelton is a great place to live, learn and play in. As a native Sheltonite I know it will always be so because of the people who make it a great city. Most of them work behind the scenes, coaching, as committee members, generous corporate CEO's and the volunteers who keep our Boys' & Girls Club, Scouting and so many athletic and social programs going.

Speaking of sports, Shelton has always been known for its football. I am a big fan of football and baseball throughout the state but let's not forget our state championship women's soccer team, softball and the nationally recognized cheerleader squads who so proudly wear the orange and black. All good things that shine the best light on our children, parents and school system.

I could not be prouder of my hometown for all the reasons I cited above and many more but I want everyone take a moment and to ask each of you to stop and think about something else. It looks like a horrible American pastime is taking over in Shelton, and I have four 55 gallon bags full of trash in my garage to prove it.

I just returned from a litter pick-up walk down Maple Ave. in White Hills. The most "found" item were Budweiser beer cans, followed by mini Sambuca and Smirnoff vodka bottles. Not only trashing our city but likely drunk driving to boot.

We also have someone who smokes several boxes of Marlboro Gold 100's, not to mention people who spend good money to purchase bottled water when our city supply is one of the best in New England, and then throw them away half-full. Oh, and did I mention the food and wrappers along with a list of other items that would fill the Sunday Times. Shelton can't be to far from being No. 1 in the roadside trash event. I'll bet we could win at least a silver medal for the amount and variety of items we can toss from our vehicles onto private property, into water ways, on state roads and the city right-of-ways while speeding, talking, tweeting, texting, eating, drinking and changing the radio station or disciplining the kids.

It's time to clean up our streets, avenues, and roads this week. And please keep a bag for trash in your vehicle and remove it when you get to work or home, not while on the road. I know some people spend more time in their cars then sleeping each day but there is no excuse to toss litter from your vehicles. Shelton needs your help to stay clean.

Thanks to all of you who have done your part to clean up but we need the other 39,599 citizens to pitch in and help pickup and keep are town looking as good as it can.

Anthony F. Simonetti, Alderman, Ward 1