Support Canal Street referendum

To the Editor:

I urge all Shelton residents to support the upcoming referendum question on the bonding of $1 million to reconstruct Canal Street. This funding is essential for a number of reasons.

First, it will enable the construction of buildings that will yield tens of millions of tax dollars along our downtown riverfront.

Second, it will be another step toward building and enhancing our retail and restaurant presence right here in Shelton. Downtown is increasingly becoming a dining destination for folks throughout the region. This will positively advance that trend.

Third, voting yes will facilitate the re-opening of the railroad crossing at Wooster Street, thus easing traffic on Route 110 — particularly during rush hour.

At a time where the economy is weak and jobs are scarce, this opportunity to fund the reconstruction of Canal Street will create jobs right now and literally pave the way for successful small businesses down the road.

Supporting the Canal Street referendum question on November 6 is extremely important.

Jason Perillo

State Representative for the 113th District, Shelton