Vote in this Tuesday's primary; don't let someone else dictate who represents you

To the Editor:

Shelton, like other towns in the state of Connecticut, is gearing for the upcoming Aug. 14 primary elections. You will soon be receiving a notice from the registrars office with regard to your voting site for the primary elections. There is still time to register to vote but the deadline to change your party affiliation for the primary has passed.

The primary elections will cost the city of Shelton taxpayers close to $20,000 when it comes time to tally up the cost of set-up, the equipment, staffing, reporting and closing down the election sites at the end of the day. This is the perfect civics lesson that proves the freedom is not free nor is it cheap. I suggest each and every voter plan to be at their designated voting site for 5-10 minutes on Tuesday, Aug. 14, to vote for the candidates of your choice. Not a lot to ask when you consider how other country's governments silence and hold their citizens at bay and voting is only for the elite or non-existent. Remember this is your state and country, stand ready to put the people in office who you trust to save our jobs and way of life. Don't let someone else dictate to you.

Their is no one plan or strategy that will bring us back to the financial productivity that we lost some 10 years ago but anyone who does not vote is not as the saying goes "getting his moneys worth" from their elected officials. Your vote and those of your family and friends are more important now than at anytime in the history of our state and country. I strongly suggest you bring a loved one or friend with you to the polls to vote. The more the votes the better we are represented in our state and federal legislative bodies and the truth about our need for more lean and less burdensome legislation will be apparent.

In the '70s the phrase "silent majority" brought a great number of voters out of their homes and offices to vote for the first time and for some the first time in many years to stop a volatile runaway government. Our state and country can no longer accept what Hartford and Washington, D.C. hand down to us. Our whole society is in the same predicament from just 35-40 years earlier. The task of reining in government spending and the loss of our freedoms begins in each town across the country.

Call the Shelton Registrar's Office at 203-924-2533 directly to get registered to vote or go on line at for forms and other information. You can also contact the Town Clerk for Absentee Ballot requests at 203-924-1555 for anyone who will not be available or able to make it to the polls on Tuesday, Aug. 14, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Your vote counts, but only if you vote! It is a privilege to live in a country where the ability to vote is a free act that is protected by a set of laws to ensure your opinion does matter. Don't give up this right or deny yourself the ability to help shape, determine and choose who will represent you in our local, state and federal legislatures and as our next president.

Each of us has a duty to follow in the footsteps of our forefathers who designed a system of government to acknowledge the will of the people and the fate of our country that relies heavily on its citizens voting in every election. Many soldiers before us have given the supreme sacrifice to ensure your freedom to vote. Stand up and be counted and respect our forefathers wishes for a free standing society where the individual citizens vote is significant and makes a difference.

No man or women is a island. Everyone needs to come together and vote on Aug. 14, 2012. As I said before, bring a another voter or two with you and assure an absentee ballot gets to a home bond registered Shelton voter.

Anthony F. Simonetti, is an alderman representing the First Ward.