Better communication

With news of Sandy looming omininously over the weekend, communication from our state, federal and local emergency officials became key to us feeling prepared and secure.

Late last week, as the forecasts started showing the "Frankenstorm" headed our way, many local municipalities began making information available to residents.

The town of Seymour started tweeting about the storm prepations and other officials and municipalities began taking to social media and websites to get the word out.

In Shelton, while our emergency officials work hard and have done a great job keeping the public safe in the aftermath of a number of storms in the last two years, we couldn't help but notice that early communication was lacking.

We have a great resource with but nothing regarding the storm was posted until Sunday, when officials urged residents in flood prone areas to evacuate. There were also no posts late last week or over the weekend on the city's main website about emergency preparations or tips for residents.

We appreciate that Shelton's Echo Hose Hook and Ladder Co. 1 began posting local storm information on its website last Thursday It was a great public resource.

Although the city began to post notices on Monday, some earlier notices could have gone a long way in informing the public.

So as residents scrambled to stock up on supplies and learn the latest on Sandy's path last weekend, they weren't sure how the city was preparing itself until information became available late Sunday and Monday.

As reporters, we know and have seen the work that goes on behind the scenes with our city's emergency planners and response, but we hope that city officials can learn to reach out sooner and better communicate in situations like Sandy. It's an important service to the public to be informed and provides a sense of comfort to know that plans are in place, should we need it.

If you are interested in receiving emergency notices from the state, a great resource for is CT Alert. To sign up for notifications or learn more, visit