Does your vote matter?

Have you been watching the debates? Are you ready to make an informed decision on Election Day? Do you think that your vote for President is the only one that matters?

Millions of Americans will cast their votes for President this fall. Hundreds of thousands will cast a vote for President right here in Connecticut — more than 1.6 million voted in this state in 2008.

While it doesn't get the same coverage, the fancy television ads and isn't the topic of Sunday talk shows — or even weeknight cable "news" shows — the votes you make for state representatives and senators have much more weight than the other votes you'll make this fall.

So while it's much easier to watch Mr. Obama and Mitt Romney spar during nationally televised debates, it's much more beneficial to yourself and your community to watch the local race debates, read the articles about the candidates and make an informed decision.

This year, only one of the state races is contested and that's the race for the 113th district. Incumbent Republican state Rep. Jason Perillo will be challenged by Democrat, Elain Matto, a nurse who also serves on Shelton's Planning and Zoning Commission. The Herald will be running statements from the candidates in next week's issue.

National politics can be fun to watch and debate. But it's our local politics where you can make a difference. You just have to make an effort.