Editorial: Doing your part to control pet populations

Warm weather may still be months away, but Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic wants you to “Beat the Heat” by spaying your cat before her heat cycle to prevent unwanted litters from being born this spring.

We’ve all read the stories: kittens left in a box at the community center during the summer, another cat left in a box in front of a local pet store that’s no longer in Shelton — and, frankly, what town doesn’t have a feral cat problem.

Animal shelters commonly refer to spring time as “kitten season” because this is when they receive the largest influx of litters, which are hard to adopt. We do have a new animal shelter on the way in Shelton that will be able to house cats, but it’s important to break the cycle of unwanted animals.

'Beat the Heat' campaign

There are organizations throughout the state that help with low-cost spays and neutering, and the “Beat the Heat” campaign is the most recent one in our area. Sponsored by PetSmart Charities, Nutmeg will provide a limited amount of $20 spay surgeries for female cats during the month of February.

Spay/neuter is one of the most effective ways to reduce pet overpopulation and is safe for kittens as young as 12 weeks old, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Spaying a female cat before the first heat cycle can reduce the risk of certain reproductive cancers and infections.

Mention campaign when make appointment

This special $20 rate is less than Nutmeg’s normal low-cost price and is available to everyone. Cat parents who wish to take advantage of this offer must mention the “Beat the Heat” campaign when they schedule their appointment.

This campaign is based on availability and payment must be made at the time of booking to secure the appointment. Visit www.nutmegclinic.org or call 203-690-1550 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic is a nonprofit organization in Stratford, providing low-cost spay/neuter services for cats and dogs. For more information, visit www.nutmegclinic.org.