Editorial: Saying 'thanks' on School Nurse Day

On May 7, we have a chance to thank the professionals who treat the bumps and bruises, the tummy aches, and the more serious allergies and medical issues of our children. Wednesday is National School Nurse day.

The day of recognition has been celebrated each year, since 1972, to foster a better understanding of the role of the school nurse in the educational setting.

The role of the school nurse has certainly evolved over time, but it is always guided by the specialized practice of nursing that advances the well being, academic success and lifelong achievement of students.

First-line providers

School nurses often serve as the first-line providers of healthcare for students, addressing their physical, psychological and emotional health concerns.

School nurses promote health and wellness by providing health education, direct treatment for acute and chronic conditions, emergency care for students and staff, collaboration with families and primary care providers, and referrals to community and state agencies.

It’s a big job.

Everyone is encouraged to reflect upon the contributions of school nurses in our community as well as across the state and nation on National School Nurse Day. It’s also a good time just to say, “Thanks.”