Editorial: Show your love. License your dog

June is dog license renewal time throughout Connecticut. Licensing is important for many good reasons and speeds the return of your dog should it go missing.

State law requires licensing for all dogs six months and older between June 1 to 30 on a yearly basis. Licenses may be renewed at any City Hall, Town Hall or by mail. Reminders are sent to dog owners in May and beginning of June to renew licenses by the deadline.

Fees are $8 or $19 annually

Licenses cost $8 if the dog is spayed or neutered, and $19 if not. Late licensing or late renewal incurs a late fee of $1 per month or part of a month. Licensing or renewal by mail incurs an additional charge of $1 for mail and other costs.

Advantages to getting a license

If the dog roams or gets lost, animal control officers can look up its license, easily find the owner and return the dog. Licensing a dog costs far less than the penalty should the animal control department find the dog and issue an infraction for having an unlicensed dog.

Animal control officers and the general public are more likely to handle a dog with a license that shows it has been vaccinated for rabies than a dog of unknown origin that could have contracted the fatal disease.

Licensing is the law, for many good reasons, and shows the love you feel for your dog.