It’s time to keep promises

The end of the election season means an end to speeches, debates, slogans and political television ads. Although much of the rhetoric has been reserved for criticizing opposing candidates, some has been reserved for making promises and pledges.

It’s easy to criticize and just as easy to make promises during an election season.

Citizens deserve to have most of those promises honored during the next few years.

It’s time for newly elected or re-elected legislators to take up the platforms they’ve touted and debated and put them to good use in the U.S. Congress and the Connecticut state legislature.

Many of the lawmakers and their challengers have said that creating jobs and helping business grow are major challenges they face.

It’s important that the legislation they create and support will focus on job and business growth and that they help formulate a responsible state budget during trying economic times.

The focus should be on using their talents and gifts to serve those who put them into office, and those who did not.

It’s time for campaign promises to become reality and not disappear along with the political flyers, ads and billboards of the election season.

Citizens should hold the legislators to their word to help homeless veterans, keep lines of communication open with constituents, and work to maintain services for those in need.

To those who said they’d work to attract new businesses to the Valley, promote regionalization, cut government spending and consolidate state agencies, we hold you to your word.

Some candidates have pledged to reduce taxes, others say they’ll continue to bring needed grant money to their districts, while others say they’ll help small businesses hire workers.

Ideally, when a representative, a senator or a U.S. president looks back on the years he or she has served, it will be with the satisfaction of knowing that most of the promises made were promises kept.

During these tough economic times, Connecticut needs legislators who are doers, and who work hard to help their constituents and the businesses in their districts.

Local lawmakers have worked hard and served their constituents well.

The citizens deserve to have this continue.

Although the election season has ended, a time for rising to challenges and keeping promises is just beginning.